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Cutlure Action Europe

Culture Action Europe aims to build a cross-disciplinary coalition of civil actors in the cultural field and to strengthen representation of the cultural sector towards the EU on areas of common interest. We believe that the cultural NGO sector has a vital role to play in the development of a democratic Europe. A part of Culture Action Europe'ss mandate is to assess the ways in which culture should find expression in other policy fields; based on the belief that cultural policy has to be an integrated part of other policy formation. Issues of cultural policy intersect with values (e.g. freedom of expression) and issues (e.g. women's access to active participation in the field of art) of the other NGO sectors in the Civil Society Contact Group.

Culture Action Europe currently counts over 65 member organisation. Members are independent organisations, either pan European in constitution, or working on European issues relevant to the cultural sector. Culture Action Europe does not represent individual members views, but aims to pool members' expertise in order to build a stronger advocacy platform for the cultural sector. In that sense Culture Action Europe seeks to strengthen its members though information and dialogue, and contribute as a facilitator for the members; own representation at EU level as necessary. By joining Culture Action Europe, a member subscribes to the overall aims of the association whilst continuing to represent the specific needs of its own organisation.


Luca Bergamo, Secretary General of Culture Action Europe, Luca.bergamo@cultureactioneurope.org

Julia Pouply, Policy Assistant at Culture Action Europe, http://www.cultureactioneurope.org/lang-en/contact




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