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vision & mission

Our vision

The EU Civil Society Contact Group defends a vision of the European Union that is an advocate for and guarantor of peace, solidarity, justice, equality for all, equality between women and men, non discrimination, sustainable development, protection and improvement of the environment, the eradication of poverty and observance of human rights to ensure a high quality of life and well-being for present and future generations within the EU and globally.

 In order to achieve this we promote a European Union that:

  • Rejects the dominance of economic considerations and opposes the drift to purely economic goals
  • Defends a sustainable model of development that promotes solidarity between people and countries
  • Respects and reflects the diversity and equality of all people living in Europe
  • Builds an institutional framework which is truly effective, democratic, transparent and accessible and allows for meaningful participation of civil society
  • Develops the role of Europe in the world as a positive and stabilizing force

Our mission

Civil society organisations to be strong political actors in the European Union
We aim at enhancing the political role of European civil society platforms by building on their individual and collective strengths. By bringing together European platforms acting in the public interest in different but interlinked societal spheres we contribute to increase mutual understanding of each other domains and build trust among the platforms.

European institutions to be well equipped to cooperate with civil society organisations
On the basis of long lasting experience of working with the European institutions we advocate for better infrastructure in the European institutions for the cooperation with civil society organisations. Civil dialogue is necessary to improve policies and to reach our vision of a more coherent and inclusive Europe. We promote transparent and structured civil dialogue that is accessible, properly facilitated, inclusive, fair, and respectful of the autonomy of civil society organisations. We promote lasting access to information, access to justice, consultation, and integration of all levels of civil society in the European project.

European citizens to be engaged in discussing and shaping the EU
Through the development of cross-sector civil society positions, briefings and campaigns we encourage the participation of European citizens in policy discussions. Through this work we aim at ensuring that the experience of our members is influential in shaping the future direction of the EU.