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About us

The EU Civil Society Contact Group is an alliance bringing together eight large rights and value based NGO sectors acting in the public interest:

  • CONCORD, the European NGO confederation for Relief and Development
  • Culture Action Europe, the Forum for the Arts and Heritage
  • EPHA, the European Public Health Alliance
  • EUCIS-LLL, the European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning
  • EWL, the European Women's Lobby
  • Green10, a group of leading environmental NGOs active at EU level
  • HRDN, the Human Rights and Democracy Network
  • Social Platform, the Platform of European Social NGOs

The EU Civil Society Contact Group brings together European platforms that gather the voices of hundreds of thousands of associations across the Union, linking the local, regional, national with the European level, representing a wide range of organised interests.

The EU Civil Society Contact Group seeks to bring added value to the work of its members and their members by focusing on issues that can better be addressed in cooperation among the sectors then by the sectors individually. Whilst we respect the specificity and autonomy of each other's domains and interests, we agree to pursue a common strategy and approach to the issues we decide to work on jointly.

The EU Civil Society Contact Group represents its members and not all parts of civil society. It encourages the autonomous input of other civil society organisations at a European, national, and local level, to the European project.