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Functionning & funding

The EU Civil Society Contact Group is managed by a steering group composed of two representatives from each member. 


Each member’s representation shall endeavour to respect the principle of gender parity. Each representative integrates the interests of her/his sector in the common project and consults the sector’s members according to the internal custom of that sector.


Decisions are taken by consensus and if needed by majority, yet shall not be passed when significantly opposed by a sector.


The steering group meets regularly and at least five times a year. 


 The steering group can give a mandate to working groups or task forces to develop an agreed activity and/or to make recommendations to the steering group.  


Types of activities carried out by the EU Civil Society Contact Group include:

  • Discussing the issues of relevance in regular meetings
  • Developing and advocating for common positions
  • Monitoring the relevant policies
  • Disseminating information through the members
  • Developing and disseminating briefings
  • Organising public civil society events (lunch debates, conferences)
  • Facilitating and supporting cross-sector campaigns

How we are funded


The EU Civil Society Contact Group is financed mainly through membership contributions. The annual budget 2010 amounted to 36’000 Euro.


The EU Civil Society Contact Group received until 2009 regular grants from the King Baudouin Foundation and the Charles Stewart MOTT Foundation for specific projects