The eight networks member of the Civil Society Contact Group (CSCG) are organising the first Citizens’ Summit taking place in Brussels from 24 June 13.00 to 25 June  14.00 2013. The CSCG is holding this first ever Citizen’s Summit organised by a cross-sectoral coalition of NGO actors, to bring together for the first time professionals, practitioners and activists from across the different sectors – culture, development, education, environment, health, human rights, social affairs and women’s rights to discuss the future of Europe. Our intention is to foster an open dialogue amongst a diverse group from across Europe in order to start a genuine participatory process on the future of the European Union, and what this means for people living within its borders. We believe that by creating a shared understanding and dialogue, we can help move forward common objectives for a common future.

The Summit is being organised to coincide with the European Year for Citizens and the CSCG is gathering high level participants from international organisations, EU institutions, civil society, and other stakeholders from across the EU. At a time of economic and political uncertainties across our continent, our intention is to mark the first of a civil society parallel process to European Summits, and lead to the development of side events to bring the priorities and concerns of citizens to the discussions by European decision-makers.

As better detailed in the attached draft programme, the Summit will address directly the issues of the growing anti-EU, anti-integration, anti-immigration sentiment and debate what Europe we need to address the challenges and concerns facing the women and men living in Europe. Our objective is to have a participatory, democratic and dynamic debate. Through gathering academic, youth, opinion leaders, activists, creators, operators and experts from the different sectors we will foster an exchange of ideas in order feasible solutions to the problems facing the EU today based on the values and principles promoted the Lisbon Treaty and the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Given the high demand for places, the Citizens’ Summit, we ask you to register at Please indicate which sector you belong to. Please indicate whether you would like to be considered for a number of limited travel grants for youth delegates or those representing excluded or vulnerable groups within our populations. Space is limited, and participation will be decided on motivation and on a first-come basis. Please register by 24 May 2013


The EU Civil Society Contact Group brings together eight large rights and value based NGO sectors - culture, environment, education, development, human rights, public health, social and women.  The members of these sectoral platforms are European NGO networks. They bring together the voices of hundreds of thousands of associations across the Union, linking the national with the European level, representing a large range of organised public interests.


Jointly we aim to represent the views and interests of rights and value based civil society organisations across the European Union on major issues, which affect us across our sectors of activity. Our objective is to encourage and promote a transparent and structured civil dialogue that is accessible, properly facilitated, inclusive, fair and respectful of the autonomy of NGOs. 


The Contact Group's act4europe campaign focused on engaging the national networks of the Civil Society Contact Group with the Future of Europe debate. The aim was to encourage more active participation of NGOs and their constituencies in the debate on the Future of Europe, on the Constitutional Treaty, and in the development and realisation of the concept of participatory citizenship.


Act4europe has established networking between the European-wide networks of the sectoral members of the Civil Society Contact Group, and has promoted and organised the cross-sectoral contributions to the European Convention, to the IGC and to ratification campaigns, at both EU and national level.


We hope you will find the information we provide useful.





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