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The act4europe campaign has issued several toolkits to contribute to capacity building amongst NGOs troughout Europe delivering information on major political events: the Convention on the Future of Europe and the Intergovernmental Conference (IGC) both to work on a Constitution for the European Union and the European Parliament elections in June 2004, "period of reflection" on the constitutional Treaty. You will find information on why and how these events are relevant for NGO work in Europe and what activities can be planned in order to ensure that the voice of civil society is heard within European politics at these crucial moments.  

             Ratification toolkit French version

  •  NGO toolkit for the European Parliament Elections 2004 (March 2004)

                     Part I-III     English       word, 387K     pdf, 1.1M
    Español      word, 407K     pdf, 1.2M
    Deutsch     word, 423K     pdf, 1.1M
                                      Français     word, 435K     pdf, 1.1M

                                      Eesti          word, 452K    pdf, 1.1M

                       Part IV: Contact details of parties in Europe
                       (Have a look as well on the official Parliament's European elections website)
                                   English   word, 1.5M    pdf, 1.9M 
                                                   (complete update on 17 May)