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The CSCG responds to the Consultation on the 2013 EU Citizenship Report

The consultation is follow up to 2010 EU Citizenship Report that identified the main obstacles that prevent citizens from fully enjoying their rights and sets out 25 actions.  Based on the responses,  the European Commission will present a new EU Citizenship Report in 2013 with further measures responding to issues raised by EU citizens.


In the views of the members of the CSCG,  EU citizenship has to include all aspects of life in a democratic society relating to a vast range of topics such as, inter alia, education, culture, sustainable development, fundamental rights, gender equality including the equal representation of women and men in decision making, non discrimination, social inclusion and participation in society for all, including disadvantaged people such as ethnic minorities, people with disabilities.


The CSCG considers democratic citizenship must guarantees that citizens and their representatives have a say in the EU policy-shaping and decision-making processes.  Citizens play an important role in electing their representatives to the European Parliament. This also means and equal representation of women and men in European decision-making bodies and he active and equal participation of women and men in European elections as voters and candidates. Furthermore everyone should be able to participate in the life of their communities and the shaping of public policies, including the most disadvantaged groups.

To ensure public confidence and ensure active involvement of citizens and organised civil society players in the decision-making processes at all levels. The right to civil dialogue must be established for all people concerned by EU policies.

The CSCG  advocates that  the EU Citizenship report 2013 and the European Year of Citizens, should reflect the rights enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights must be implemented effectively. Also, European citizenship should be founded on the principle of residence and in the name of universality of rights all residents of the European Union should enjoy equality of treatment and the same right to participate in public life as EU citizens.


The full response is available here.