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Register to attend 1st ever Citizens' Summit

The eight networks member of the Civil Society Contact Group (CSCG) organised the first Citizens' Summit taking place in Brussels  24 - 25 June by a cross-sectoral coalition of NGO actors, to bring together for the first time professionals, practitioners and activists from across the different sectors. This included culture, development, education, environment, health, human rights, social affairs and women's rights to discuss the future of Europe. Our intention is to foster an open dialogue amongst a diverse group from across Europe in order to start a genuine participatory process on the future of the European Union, and what this means for people living within its borders. We believe that by creating a shared understanding and dialogue, we can help move forward common objectives for a common future.


The Summit is being organised to coincide with the European Year for Citizens and the CSCG is gathering high level participants from international organisations, EU institutions, civil society, and other stakeholders from across the EU. At a time of economic and political uncertainties across our continent, our intention is to mark the first of a civil society parallel process to European Summits, and lead to the development of side events to bring the priorities and concerns of citizens to the discussions by European decision-makers.

The Summit addressed directly the issues of the growing anti-EU, anti-integration, anti-immigration sentiment and debate what Europe we need to address the challenges and concerns facing the women and men living in Europe. Our objective is to have a participatory, democratic and dynamic debate. Through gathering academic, youth, opinion leaders, activists, creators, operators and experts from the different sectors we will foster an exchange of ideas in order feasible solutions to the problems facing the EU today based on the values and principles promoted the Lisbon Treaty and the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The organsiers of the summit conveyed the messages of the of participants through a video message to the June Summit.  

This event is supported by the King Badouin Foundation and the Open Society Foundation.