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Building a value based EU budget for the future - The EU budget review consultation  (December 2007)

Mandate for the Inter-Governmental Conference 2007 on the Reform Treaty  (July 2007)

Green paper "Public Access to Documents held by institutions of the European Community" (May 2007)

Follow-Up to Green Paper on Transparency Initative  (May 2007)

Green Paper on Transparency Initiative (May 2006)

EESC Opinion on the representativeness of European civil society organisations in civil dialogue (February 2006)

Plan D, Communicating Europe and Communication White Paper (February 2006)

Period of Reflection on the Constitutional Treaty: state of play eight months ahead of the June 2006 Council (February 2006)

Counter-terrorism stategy and regulation of the Non Profit sector: update on EU developments (December 2005)

NGOs and the "period of reflection" (October 2005) background paper on the EU "crisis" following the French and Dutch "no" to the constitutional Treaty, with information on the state of play of ratification and the main challenges for NGOs