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Participatory Democracy

The EU Civil Society Contact Group promotes the concept of participatory democracy and places a particular focus on the implementation of article 47 of the draft constitution. We believe that NGOs across Europe should form part of a regular, structured, and guaranteed dialogue with the EU Institutions.

Context - The debate on NGO standards is likely to intensify over the next years, with the follow-up of the transparency initiative, Directorate General Justice, Freedom and Security activities linked to the fight against terrorism and developments on representativity.

Specific objectives - At a time of further questioning of the role of NGOs, the CSCG will continue making the case for civil dialogue, avoid a backlash and pave the way for a better, more inclusive and enabling participation of NGOs at EU and national level. This should build upon the work achieved over the last years, in particular the study "Civil Dialogue: making it work better".

Paper on Participatory Democracy and organised civil society July 2004