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Future of EU

In the ongoing and upcoming debates on the institutional reform of the EU, on the revision of the EU budget and the European elections, the Civil Society Contact Group wants to ensure that the perspective of civil society organisations is taken into account. We want to use the potential for change to promote the EU we want.


Context - On March 25th 2007 heads of states and governments signed a declaration on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. It can be perceived as the first step of a mid-term discussion about "the EU citizens want". 2009, year of the next European Parliament elections and of the review of the EU financial perspective, is also the deadline set by the EU to "reach a constitutional settlement".


The 2007-2009 period will thus be crucial from different points of view:

  • citizens' participation in the European project (after high turn out to referenda)
  • sending EU leaders a clear signal of the type of EU we really want, by developing a common vision, in particular on cross-cutting issues

Specific objectives - The Civil Society Contact Group seeks to develop a common vision and build coalitions on key debates around the 2007-2009 agenda, with a view to raising awareness and engaging its members' constituencies in the debates. Another key objective is to avoid a backlash of participation in the constitutional process, as well as setbacks regarding the text itself.