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50th anniversary of the treaty of Rome



"Give us reasons to celebrate before 2057!"


The Treaty of Rome establishing the European Economic Community (EEC) was signed by France, West Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg on March 25, 1957 in Rome. This signature can be seen as the first step towards European integration and what is today the European Union. 50 years later the EU is celebrating its achievements and taking commitments for the future.


United under the banner of the EU Civil Society Contact Group, representatives of the largest European networks of NGOs challenge the EU to make the most of its 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. If European leaders are to regain the confidence of EU citizens, they must close the gap between intention and action and enable the EU to deliver on its promises. Europe's domestic aspirations and the achievements made in the past 50 years should now be extended by an explicit commitment to strengthening Europe�s role in the world.


The statement of the Civil Society Contact Group on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome reflects what we believe to be widely shared concerns in civil society across Europe about the common and urgent challenges in Europe and the world. It proposes that, more than anything else, Europe must demonstrate its capacity to act effectively and coherently and to deliver on its promises.


Find the statement in English or French  here.