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 Communication strategy: Contact Group calls on EU institutions to strengthen dialogue with civil soc
 CSCG calls for enhanced ethical rules for lobbyists
 Austrian presidency response to the CSCG message to the June Summit
 Civil Society Contact Group response to the EESC Opinion on the representativeness of European civil
 Civil Society Contact Group message for the June European Council 15-16 June 2006
 NGOs and the EU: Making civil dialogue work better - Conference 12 July 2006, Brussels
 23 May, CSCG and ALTER-EU joint brainstorming meeting on transparency
 European Parliament Committee hearing - European Forum for Civil society
 CSCG publishes contribution to transparency initiative debate
 Internship as Information and Project Assistant
 Civil Society Contact Group is recruiting a researcher for civil dialogue study
 Russian NGO sector under threat: CSCG calls on EU institutions for support
 Call for action on Council transparency: UK presidency keen to move forward
 NGOs and anti-terrorist strategy: CSCG representatives meet with Commissioner Frattini
 Council must stop acting behind closed doors!
 CSCG reacts to MEP's allegations on NGO transparency
 NGO brainstorming on the EU crisis- 6th October
 European Public Health Alliance joins the Civil Society Contact Group
 CSCG position on Code of Conduct for Non Profit Organisations
 Access passes: the European Parliament reopens doors to citizens
 Reconnecting with citizens – CSCG calls on the European Council to show leadership and vision
 European Parliament closes its doors to citizens- Act4Europe’s call for action
 Transparency initiative: Civil Society Contact Group meets with Commissioner Kallas
 Civil Society Contact Group denounces European Parliament’s new internal rules for visitors
 Financial perspectives: CSCG calls for clearer commitment to our common values
 Act4europe toolkit on the ratification of the Constitutional Treaty
 NGO Space for Debate - 17 February 2005
 Civil Society Contact Group meets with Commissioner Margot Wallström
 Financial perspectives 2007 - 2013: Civil Society Contact Group sends letter to Jean-Claude Juncker
 European Parliament endorses Contact Group amendment
 Act4europe conference “NGO Space for Debate”, 17 February 2005
 Contact Group issues joint statement to EP hearing
 EU Civil Society Contact Group publishes MEP Guide
 Press Release on IGC outcome
 Contact Group issues appeal on Financial Perspectives
 EP elections toolkit in Spanish and German
 Protocol on Sustainable Development: Letter to Foreign ministers
 Civil Society denounces EU Summit
 Letter to all Ex-Convention Members
 Press Release on IGC
 Action Call on Non-Institutional Issues
 Eurostep issued his IGC pack
 Letter campaign for the start of the IGC
 National join us
 TIME TO ACT4EUROPE! Civil Society's next steps after the Convention
 Participatory Democracy