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European Public Health Alliance

EPHA is the European Platform bringing together public health organisations representing health professionals, patients groups, health promotion and disease specific NGOs, academic groupings and other health associations. Its membership includes representatives at international, European, national, regional and local level.

The European Public Health Alliance is funded by the Public Health Programme of the European Union and runs projects which receive financial support from philanthropic organizations.

EPHA’s mission is to protect and promote public health in Europe. EPHA brings together organisations across the public health community, to share learning and information and to bring a public health perspective to European decision-making. It helps build capacity in civil society participation across Europe in the health field, and works to empower the public health community in ensuring that the health of European citizens is protected and promoted by decision-makers. Its aim is to ensure health is at the heart of European policy and legislation.

Monika Kosinska, Secretary General of EPHA, secretarygeneral@epha.org

Luiza Bara, Director of Policy qnd Strategy of EPHA, luiza.bara@epha.org

Günther Schulz, EPHA Board member, g.schulz@ivaa.info

European Public Health Alliance
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